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Tips and tricks for grandstand construction

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Here we offer you valuable expert knowledge from our many years of experience. One issue that is largely been underestimated repeatedly arises when planning seating platforms. In many cases the seat width is simply considered to be 0,50 m as stipulated by the meeting-place regulations. However this does not apply when arm rests come into play. The reason is simple math. When planning audience seating with one armrest between two seats spacing measurements must be altered to 0,55 m. Spacing is measured from “center-to-center”, meaning from the center of one seat to the center of the other. Follow this simple formula when calculating for example 10 seats in a row between two steps/aisles: 10 x 0,55 m +0,05 m = 5,55 m. The 0,05 m is the one additional armrest at the end of the row (see drawing below).

Oftentimes this is not taken into consideration while planning and results in causing significant problems.