Profile of baa

Turning ideas into reality with a broad portfolio of services

At baa, we offer consulting, execution and billing services, providing our clients with active support at every stage from the initial consultation through to project invoicing. Our team can take care of every aspect of conventional project management work.

From the ideas phase to concept studies and project follow-up, we offer support to investors, building owners, operators and main contractors in the realisation of construction ventures.



We are one of the leading consultancies in Germany for the construction of venues to host sporting and other events and leisure activities. The highly user-specific requirements in the construction of stadia and other venues mean that a professional advisory service is essential for all those involved in the project, enabling the best possible results to be achieved at every stage in the process. It is here that our greatest strengths lie, as we can draw on the extensive experience acquired from the large number of projects we have already realised in this area when we embark on new ventures. We can soon identify the most commercially appropriate package for investors, building owners, operators and main contractors.

Detailed, comprehensive and contractually sound requests for tender are a crucial element of all projects, and our tendering documents meet these essential criteria. In many of the projects in which we have been commissioned with preparing invitations to tender, we have demonstrated that our handling of the tendering process also encompasses planning coordination. Time and time again, we have succeeded in enhancing detailed aspects of tenders from a commercial perspective.


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Invitations to tender and the subsequent bids should give clients costing forecasts that are as secure as possible. We aim to achieve just that.

baa projektmanagement gmbh's services also encompass qualified construction supervision, from scheduling to final acceptance.

Scope of services under the fee regulations for architects and engineers in Germany (HOAI)

The scope of services pursuant to HOAI sets out what we can provide for our clients in the conventional service phases and in terms of specialist offerings.

Scope of services for main contractors

An ever increasing number of projects are being awarded in full to main contractors, covering all service phases. Thanks to our wealth of experience in working with main contractors, we can provide a professional and highly efficient service to our clients across all project stages.

Scope of services for building owners and investors

The main focus at the beginning of a project idea is on bringing together as much expertise as possible. Creating a good structure for the project and assembling the right team can go a long way towards ensuring a successful outcome. In liaison with our partners, we can offer comprehensive, targeted and professional support to our clients.