Since its foundation in 1994, baa projektmanagement gmbh has acquired extensive experience thanks to its participation in a large number of significant (major) projects involving sports arenas, multipurpose venues, shopping centres, leisure facilities and office/administrative buildings.

DKB-Arena Rostock Sport + Events
There is a growing trend towards modern arenas and comfortable venues for sporting and other events, and there has been great progress on the market in the past ten years. We have provided expert input to a wealth of projects, especially in the area of stadium construction (for example, in preparation for the football World Cup in 2006), but also in relation to the construction of multipurpose venues. This has given us valuable experience for future ventures.

CentrO Oberhausen Leisure
As in the sports and events space, there have been huge developments in the construction of leisure facilities. CentrO Oberhausen is an example of the transformation of an urban location into a modern retail world with integrated leisure offerings. This model has now been adopted in many other towns and cities. We have been involved in some of the largest such projects in Germany as part of the consulting and planning team.

One of our great strengths is that our activities are not restricted to our core areas of sport + events and leisure. We have also been involved in many projects unrelated to these fields. Our "others" references illustrate the diversity and flexibility of our company culture.


Planning coordination, invitation to tender for and coordination of sport, spectator, dressing room and events areas, kitchens and concessions; specialist consultancy; preparation of operating concepts for interior areas; development of various outfitting options

Neue Messe Hamburg

Services pursuant to HOAI Section 15 phases 6 and 7; scheduling

CentrO Oberhausen

Support for management of fitting out work; invitations to tender