Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

A new landmark at the gateway to the world

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg Building owner: ReGe Hamburg Projekt-Realisierungsgesellschaft mbH
Client: HOCHTIEF Construction AG
Planning: Herzog & de Meuron + consortium partners
Period of involvement: 05/2009 - ongoing
Investment: EUR 450 million
Services: Coordination of planning and tendering

The new complex of buildings will comprise three concert auditoria, a 5-star hotel with conference facilities, apartments and a plaza located at a height of 37 metres. The old quayside warehouse will provide substantial car parking space.

On the west side, the residential area will soar to a height of 110 metres above the river Elbe, offering a stunning view of both the city and the harbour. The plans envisage a wealth of other exciting usage opportunities for the former quayside warehouse, including a musical education area with a museum of sound, health and spa facilities, additional backstage rooms, cafés, bars and a restaurant. The project encompasses a number of outstanding architectural innovations. The shape of the dazzling glass shell which is being constructed on top of the former warehouse differs according to the three defined usage types in the building’s interior. The amber-coloured foyer of the inward-facing concert hall will shimmer through the enclosed glass exterior, with the apartments' balconies appearing as cutaways in the undulating glass.

With its 2,150 seats, the large concert hall is the centre of the complex. The rows are to be interweaved in an irregular pattern, creating a steep auditorium for concert-goers, with the orchestra and conductor located at the centre of the hall. The concert hall’s centrepiece will be a four-manual organ with 65 stops. The small auditorium, with 550 seats, will provide substantial space for a wide variety of events requiring high-quality sound.

baa is responsible for coordinating the planning work for the scenographic trades (stage and seating platform technology, audio/video, stage lighting) involved in this project. The tendering packages for this highly technical work are also being coordinated by baa. To incorporate the scenography into all the other areas of the Elbphilharmonie, baa is also in charge of the timeline for the planning and tendering processes.


Stadthalle (city hall), Rostock

Planning the new spectator areas; invitation to tender: seating, painting work, floor covering, telescopic seating platform, dry construction work, joinery; site supervision

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg

Coordination of planning and tendering